About IMPLO®

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was born in 1991 when a senior utility design engineer, a renowned aluminum metallurgist, and an explosives expert combined their expertise and attention to focus on implosive joining technology. This technology had been in commercial use in Europe since 1968 and was gaining popularity in the line construction industry because it offered significant benefits over conventional hydraulic methods of joining conductors. Through intense research and years of practical experience, Implo refined and perfected implosive joining technology to a new high level of quality. One of the most important aspects of this type of joining technology is it high level of consistency.

     Implosive joining is very simple. A small, engineered implosive charge, wrapped around a specially designed metallic sleeve, creates a controlled implosive compression. Implosive compression applies much higher pressure than hydraulic compression, and produces a connection of superior mechanical and electrical integrity. Quality is consistently high. Implosive connectors are now used in a variety of specialized joining requirements for high voltage transmission lines and substations, for the repair of broken or damaged conductors, and for the joining of steel wires.

     IMPLO has refined implosive connector technology to perfection to a high standard of quality and reproducibility. Through it’s reputation for quality and service, IMPLO has become the world leader in high voltage conductor joining and repair, using its proprietary implosive technology. To date, more than a million implosive connectors have been sold worldwide and has become the connector of choice among the largest electrical utilities in Canada, the United States, and many others throughout the world. 

     IMPLO is committed to providing consistent excellence in quality, reliability, and service to the electrical utilities industry, in the safest possible manner, at the most competitive cost, and to the and to the highest possible standards. 

Innovation, proficiency, and reliability are hallmarks for IMPLO products.