IMPLO® Products

BURNDY offers a full selection of IMPLO® transmission connections.

Full Tension Joints (Splice)

The splice consists of an aluminum alloy sleeve with the energy charge pre-wrapped. These joints are designed to be installed at the tensioner and pulled through stringing blocks. Special application charts for each conductor show the relationship between the pulling tension, weight span and the allowable line angle through which the joints may be pulled. This makes sleeving an integral part of overall pulling operation, and greatly simplifies stringing.


Deadends consist of an aluminum alloy sleeve with the energy charge pre-wrapped and an oval or round eyebolt. A 15º NEMA four-hole pad is welded to the main sleeve. The eyebolt is attached to the aluminum alloy sleeve and can be freely turned 360º to the desired position relative to the pad prior to installation.

Jumper Terminals

Jumper Terminals consist of an aluminum sleeve with the energy charge pre-wrapped and a 15º NEMA pad at one end. Jumper terminals may be installed at 0º or 30º take-off angles when matched to a deadend joint with a 15º NEMA pad.

Repair Sleeves

Repair Sleeves consist of two aluminum alloy half sleeves that slide together. An energy charge pre-wrapped on a flexible plastic sleeve is wrapped around the Repair Sleeve when installed. Repair Sleeves are used to repair minor damage to the outer strands of a conductor, such as damage caused during construction or wear of spacer. Repair Sleeves can also be provided with a NEMA four-hole pad.

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